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Hull restaurant reviews from diners
  • 106 reviews
    Middlesbrough/Yarm | English
    my dinning experience was everything I hoped for,good food,good friendly service,perfect atmosphere.
    OpenTable diner  20/04/2014
  • 200 reviews
    Beverley | English
    I booked the restaurant initially for 10 people and over the following weeks increased to 12 (including a young child and a baby) without any problems at all. I had birthday cakes and flowers delivered prior to the party and they dressed the table accordingly. Excellent service, no interruptions half way through the meal asking 'is everything okay?' like some establishments do. Food served together, excellent wine service, keeping drinks topped up without prompting. Friendly staff who know what they are doing. My only criticism and it is a very petty one, is the acoustics in the room are somewhat echoed, a carefully placed screen or panel would remove this - told you it was petty!!! Definitely will book again, thank you....More
    OpenTable diner  20/04/2014
  • 145 reviews
    York | Steakhouse
    Excellent service, and food will definitely be going back!
    OpenTable diner  20/04/2014