Dogs dinners: We reveal some of the UK’s best dog-friendly restaurants

OpenTable Doggie Dining

The UK is well known as being a nation of dog lovers, but our research revealed that some of us actually prefer our canine companions to our human friends. One in ten dog owners would prefer to dine with their dog than their friends and family!
There has been an increase in demand for dog-friendly dining options and restaurant staff have reported customers ordering everything from dog-friendly cheeseboards and even steaks for their pampered pooches. Over half of the diners we surveyed said they would base their pub or restaurant choice on whether they could take their dog and two thirds of women said they would dine at a restaurant if there was a designated doggie menu. It’s clear that restaurateurs would do well to keep man’s best friend in mind when aiming to create the perfect dining experience.
Just in time for National Dog Day on August 26th, we’ve rounded up some of the best dog-friendly dining destinations in the UK. The list includes restaurants such as Bronte in Charing Cross, a restaurant that not only boasts amazing interior by Tom Dixon but also includes a dog-friendly area, and the recently refurbished Bibendum, vision of Claude Bosi, which allows dogs into its elegant Art Deco ground floor Oyster Bar.

Dog-friendly restaurants in London:

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Dog-friendly restaurants around the UK:

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Photo credit: Olesia Bilkei. All other photos supplied by the restaurants.