It is the OpenTable member's responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions regarding Dining Rewards, outlined below.

Rules Concerning OpenTable Dining Points

  • Only OpenTable registered members can participate in Dining Rewards and earn Dining Points. Members earn 100 Dining Points per reservation initiated on and honored, unless otherwise stated. Dining Points are not awarded until the reservation has been completed (i.e., the dining party has honored the reservation and paid for the meal).
  • OpenTable reservations that do not originate on may not be eligible for Dining Point awards. If a reservation is eligible to earn points, the points value associated with that reservation will be displayed on the reservation details and confirmation pages, as well as in the confirmation email.
  • If a member needs to modify a reservation, the change should be made online at, up to thirty (30) minutes prior to the reservation time -- rather than calling the restaurant -- in order to ensure that any applicable Dining Points are awarded.
  • OpenTable is not responsible for awarding Dining Points if a member or dining party is unable, for any reason, to make or honor an online reservation. Reasons a member may be prevented from making a reservation online include, but are not limited to:
    • technical difficulties
    • restaurant does not accept online reservations for party size requested
    • restaurant is closed
    • restaurant does not take reservations that far in advance
  • Members will not receive any Dining Points when a reservation is canceled or the dining party does not show up.

Terms and Conditions

  • OpenTable reserves the right to terminate Dining Rewards, or to change these Terms and Conditions, regulations, or benefits of participation, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice, even though changes may affect the number of Dining Points already accumulated. OpenTable may also withdraw, limit, modify or cancel the number of Dining Points required for reward redemption or change the number or type of reward offered. OpenTable will have final decision should any disputes over Dining Rewards or the awarding of Dining Points arise.
  • OpenTable reserves the right to terminate a member's Dining Rewards' account and cancel accrued Dining Points if OpenTable believes, in its sole discretion, that the member is abusing the Dining Rewards program, or is misrepresenting any information furnished to OpenTable.
  • Any OpenTable member who fails at any time to earn Dining Points for a period of twelve (12) months is subject to termination of his or her membership and forfeiture of all accrued Dining Points.  See above rule for more detail.
  • Expiring points will not affect pending dining check redemption mailings (i.e. if a member already redeemed points and has a dining check “in process” it will still be mailed).
  • If a dining party is unable to honor a reservation and fails to cancel, OpenTable will send the member an email stating that our records indicate there was a no-show. If a member's account accumulates four (4) no-show reservations within a twelve-month period, OpenTable will cancel that member's account and cancel all accrued Dining Points.
  • Should OpenTable offer rewards from any partners, OpenTable will not be responsible for any partner's participation in or withdrawal from Dining Rewards.
  • Dining Points earned by a member in two or more different accounts cannot be combined to redeem any award (not applicable to OTAdmin and OTConcierge).
  • Members are solely responsible for any tax liability related to participation in Dining Rewards.
  • Inquiries regarding the OpenTable Dining Points assigned to a reservation must be submitted via email within 14 days after the reservation date in order to be considered for review by OpenTable.

If you need further information or clarification please visit our FAQ section.