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Sumibiyaki Yamagen
Sumibiyaki Yamagen
Japanese (Yakiniku) | Nakano / Ogikubo, Tokyo 23 Ward

Sumibiyaki Yamagen, in Tokyo, is a popular teppanyaki restaurant that serves fresh and delectable cuts of meat and veggies that are grilled to juicy perfection in its relaxing and sophisticated eatery. For starters, enjoy the Chinese-inspired egg soup and the assorted kimchi. Some of Sumibiyaki Yamagen�s most popular entr_es include the salted skirt steak, garlic grilled ribs, sausage, cold noodles, Korean-inspired bibimbap bowl, bean sprouts and rice. You can also finish your meal on a sweet note, with your choice of ice cream.

Be sure to accompany your meal with a delightful Japanese shochu or sake.